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Saturday sweet vibes ♥

Hello there, sugars! I don”t really know how i manage to sometimes post too much and other times not at all, either, but hey! This is how i usually do stuff, no in… Continue reading

Weird around you ♥

“I feel really assured by the fact that the women I have loved I have loved for always.” Alain Badiou Have you ever wondered what ‘love’ really means? Is it just a word?… Continue reading

Architecture mood ❤

BEEing a rose ❤

Nosce te ipsum, sit vis tecum. ♥

Nosce te ipsum It’s always the same thing, no matter how you take it or leave it. If you are beautiful, door will suddenly open, if you are not though, nobody cares. We… Continue reading

Nefaria mundi ♥

PandemoniuM Consigned to an eternal pandemonium, we struggle living an ephemeral lie. We never cared and never will. From chaos we were born and in chaos we shall return. No Eden and no… Continue reading