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Retrospect ♥

- just some old photos from an old account of mine - - enjoy - - and don't forget to hope dream wait ♥ - - take care - - xx Zoe -

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One more coffee and the blogger recognition award ♥

Well, hello sugars! I hope you missed me these few days, if not well. . .I missed you!  So, the mega extra good news is that I have been nominated the second time for the Blogger Recognition Award, thing that really brightened my first week of April, so thank you so much Jess - you… Continue reading One more coffee and the blogger recognition award ♥

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Pray for mother nature ❤

Hello again, sugars. So, do you ever . . . I mean yes, of course, we all do. You know, that moment when you are bored or intrigued, whether you do have something to do or not, but still choose to surf the web in search for some news? Well, i often look for things… Continue reading Pray for mother nature ❤

photodump, quote that tought

Living Zen ❤

Don't live in the past, in order to avoid depression and make sure not to live in the future, either, to avoid anxiety. Just be pacient, hopeful, dreamy and live peacefully in the now. 🙏🎎 Life is a journy, make it happier. 🙏🎎 Living ZeN means enjoying the journey that was given to you, to… Continue reading Living Zen ❤